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Side Feed Paint Jars x 10


  • 22cc Side Feed Paint Jar
  • Screw Fit Lid
  • Fits Airbrush Models 133 & 134
  • Interchangeable With Spare Side Feed Paint Jars
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Side Feed Paint Jars


These side feed paint jars come as a set of 10 and are made from robust glass.

The lid twist fits to the glass jar and is sealed by a large inner o ring.

The jars are not airtight as they have a small pinhole to allow air to enter and prevent a vacuum forming which would prevent paint flow.

Each paint jar has a capacity of 22cc.

The lid has a fitted side feed arm which simply pushes in to the air inlet of the airbrush.

A small o ring, on the end of the feed arm, prevents paint leaks.

The side feed arm also has a fitted collar which is then tightened on to the airbrush.


These side feed paint jars are a direct fit for the BARTSHARP Airbrush® 133 but will also fit other brands with similar model number including the 134 style airbrush.

BARTSHARP Airbrush 133 Siphon Feed
BARTSHARP Airbrush® 133 Siphon Feed


BARTSHARP Airbrush® also sells these side feed paint jars in a set of 5:

Side Feed Paint Jars x 5

We also stock Spare Paint Jars with screw fit airtight lids.

The glass jars are identical to those used in the side feed paint jars which means that the lids are fully interchangeable making colour changes quick and simple.

Spare Paint Jars x 5

Spare Paint Jars x 10

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Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 8 cm


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