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Airbrush Model Holder


  • 6 x Fully Flexible Rods With Clips
  • Tallest Clip Height 250mm
  • Metal Base 140mm x 100mm
  • Fully Rotating Support Bars (Alon Horizontal)
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Airbrush Model Holder


Have you ever just needed another pair of hands?

This airbrush model holder kit comes complete with a metal base measuring 140mm x 100mm giving stability to your project.

The black holder unit has two large magnets ensuring a firm fit to the metal base plate.

The plastic base unit is 100mm x 70mm.

There are 6 flexible rods each with a crocodile clip providing a firm hold for your work.

The tallest height (tip of crocodile clip from metal base is 250mm).

Each of these flexible rods fits into a holder which, in turn, clips to one of two metal tubes on the plastic base.

The positioning of these clips is fully adjustable along the tube.

The rotation of these metal tubes is also fully adjustable (along the horizontal).




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Weight .251 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 5 cm


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