Air Pressure Regulator


  • Air Filter
  • Water Trap
  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • Clear Dial Displays both PSI & BAR
  • 1/4BSP Air Inlet
  • 1/4BSP or 1/8BSP Air Outlet
  • 1/4BSP Male to 1/8BSP Male Connector Included
  • Fast and FREE UK Shipping

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Air Pressure Regulator


An air pressure regulator also acts as an air filter and water trap. It is often referred to as a water trap or by a specific model number such as AFR2000.

This item is essential to not only set the air pressure being delivered to an airbrush but to also remove paint damaging water vapour from the air.

When air is placed through a mechanical process, such as compression, byproducts of heat and water vapour are produced.


The air pressure regulator has a 1/4BSP female air inlet which fixes to the air outlet on a compressor or air tank.

Pressure is set by adjusting the control dial a which is then clearly displayed on the pressure gauge dial.

The dial shows both PSI and BAR.

Care should be taken when fitting the dial to the regulator body. A small spanner must be used, on the the dial connecting arm nut, to screw it into the regulator.

Turning by hand may cause the inner seals to break and air leaks. This will invalidate the warranty.


Water, trapped in the clear section of the pressure regulator, is released by pressing a spring loaded pin at the very bottom of the clear section.

The unit is supplied with a 1/4BSP male to 1/8BSP female connector.

The 1/4BSP male end screws into the air pressure regulator whilst the 1/8BSP male end screws into the 1/8BSP female section of an air hose.

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and denotes the type and pitch of thread used. BSP is the most commonly used type for air related products, airbrushes, air hoses and compressors.

1/4BSP is equal to approximately 11.75mm in diameter.

1/8BSP is equal to approximately 9.35mm in diameter.


Please watch the below video which shows how to accurately set the working air pressure on the air pressure regulator.

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