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Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush


· Dual action with siphon feed
· Fitted with 0.5mm needle and nozzle
· 56cc Plastic Paint Pot
· PTFE needle packing bush
· 10 Year Iwata Warranty

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Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush


The Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush is backed by Iwata’s 10 year warranty*.

Bartsharp Airbrush® is a fully authorised stockist for Iwata Airbrushes.


The Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush is recognised as having the best market performance and quality in their price range.

These airbrushes offer a stylised design with high performance handling and exceptional spraying.

Iwata developed the Iwata Revolution range as an entry level airbrush, however, it’s performance and quality of spraying means that it will give more expensive airbrushes a run for their money.

The fitted 0.5mm needle and nozzle will give you fantastic performance, high paint flow and a narrow to wide spray pattern.

As such it is particularly suited to the spraying of slightly thicker and heavier paints, lacquers and other mediums.

A spray pattern from 0.5mm to 38mm can be achieved with the fitted needle and nozzle (this is dependent on the distance of the airbrush from the project) making it ideal for the spraying of medium to larger areas.

The Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush can be used with any airbrush compressor in our range and will work with most other inexpensive air brush compressors.

The Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush is dual action (press the trigger for air and pull back for paint) and siphon feed.

A siphon feed airbrush requires slightly more air pressure to draw the medium up from the paint pot.

The plastic paint pot is fitted under the front of the airbrush and holds approximately 56cc of medium.

The PTFE needle packing bush is also resistant to solvent based paints.

The Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush has a 1/8thBSP male air inlet. This is sometimes referred to as a 1/8fitting although it is actually about 9.35mm!

We have Air Hoses which are a direct fit for this airbrush.


Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush:

·         Dual action with siphon feed

·         Fitted with 0.5mm needle and nozzle

·         56cc Plastic Paint Pot

·         PTFE needle packing bush

·         10 Year Iwata Warranty


Your Iwata Revolution BCR Airbrush will give you exceptional performance in:

Airbrush Model Painting

Airbrush Cake Decoration

Airbrush Model Railway Painting

Airbrush T-Shirt Painting

Airbrush Nail Art

Airbrush Body Art and Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush Hobby and Craft Projects

Airbrush Custom Automotive Painting

Airbrush Cosmetic Applications


*10 Year Warranty is provided by Iwata


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